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Website  Development & SEO Company
Website  Development & SEO Company

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What we do?

Netking Manish IT Services has been assisting small and medium enterprises in  realizing their business potential through advanced and cutting edge  web solutions. We consistently endeavor to identify the vital needs of  our clients by focusing on their strength, capacity to perform and  market opportunities. Netking Manish IT Services devises client specific IT  solution for catalyzing their business horizons with unique and impressive web identity.

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Area Of Services

  Netking Manish IT Services  has diverse roles across multifunctional business interests. Our designers, innovative developers and internet marketing expert work together to give you best experience that your intended audience finds easy and smooth to navigate through. Team members have delivered their work over various cities e.g., Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Ghaziabad as well as smaller cities such as Indore, Bhopal, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Ludhiana etc. among others.  With its team of highly creative and aesthetic designers, developers,  Netking Manish IT Services  deliver top quality results for its clients.  


Our Services

  • Website Design in Lucknow
  • Website Development in Lucknow
  • Search Engine Optimization in Lucknow
  • Best Digital marketing company in Lucknow 
  • Web Hosting 
  • Domain Name Registration 
  • Internet Marketing 
  • Conversion Optimization 


Why Us ?

Our Key Strengths

The core strength of  Manish IT Services   lies in its ‘Quality Policy’ that  complies with ISO Quality guidelines. Here’s why  Netking Manish IT Services  shares  your vision and works together with you to realize your business  objectives.


Innovation is in the DNA of  Netking Manish IT Services . It is practiced by every  member of our team at Netking Manish IT Services . Rather than emulation our professionals believe in doing the things differently.

Customized Applications

We conduct extensive research on identifying potential market and consumer psyche to design the solution that meets their and yours expectations.


We provide all type of advertisement on social medias and by writing articles and We provide SEO Services to show ur business on Top of search engines like Google, bing , yahoo. 


We know that small and medium enterprises find themselves to be in the tight budget. This is because they  have to face more challenges and often have fewer employees as compared  to medium or big-size companies.

Our Commitment

Our  commitment  proves that we are right  there when you need us. Our responsibility does not end with  the delivery of the project but it goes far beyond up to maintenance of  the project.  

Our Services

Website Development & Designing


Website has been a must have object in the  recent years for any business organization.  Thus making the business prominent in the website makes it known  and visible to almost the entire world. Having a website is necessary is  understood, but what are the process or the needful areas in it to be  looked at while developing a website.

We offer Website Development in Lucknow , Website Designing in Lucknow.

Digital Marketing


SEO in Lucknow, It is used to make the online presence of a blog or website more visible. Today, if businesses want to be found by their target audience in the World Wide Web, there is no way they can ignore SEO. This is the main reason you should find the best SEO Company in India, so that you can get the result-oriented SEO.


Domain and Hosting


The Features for choosing the Domain and Hosting for a Website. A  website is needed a web address and a web address needs a domain for  making the website view able over the net. Thus the website with a proper  domain address is more often tracked by the search engines. There are  few features that make a domain suitable for the search engine. Here, a  discussion will be drawn on the different aspects of the Domain.

We offer hosting and domain support.

Learn mOre about seo

Why Should Collaborate with an SEO Company?


Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, has been around for quite some time. It is used to make the online presence of a blog or website more visible. Today, if businesses want to be found by their target audience in the World Wide Web, there is no way they can ignore SEO. This is the main reason you should find the best SEO Company in India, so that you can get the result-oriented SEO.

If you are checking SEO packages in India, here are some reasons to invest in them:

Get the Right Results - There is no doubt SEO strategies have changed, thanks to the change in search engine algorithms. Today, the focus is on providing the best user experience. So, when you collaborate with the right SEO Company in India, you will enjoy get return on investment as your SEO campaigns will be tailored to suit the needs of your company.

SEO is here to Stay - Today, a vast chunk of people look online for services and goods that they want. So, you can be certain that SEO is here for good. Businesses have realized the importance of opting for the right SEO packages in India, and this has enabled them to make themselves more visible in the online realm and get organic traffic.

SEO is Cost-Effective - Thanks to the superior return on investment, search engine optimization is cost-effective. Unlike TV and print ads which are cost-prohibitive, SEO is downright affordable. You also do not have to spend money on paid ads, social media marketing and email marketing. If you have the right SEO strategy, you will find that lead generation and conversion is cheaper when compared to pay-per-click marketing.

Your Target Audience is Online - Thanks to cost-effective mobile internet and widespread usage of smart phones, more and more people are turning online to find services and products that they want. It enables them to find the best at a cheaper price, without compromising quality. Since the number of people buying products and services online has significantly increased, finding SEO packages in India that allow you to get a bigger bang for your money is the need of the hour.

Enjoy a Competitive Edge - In India, companies and businesses are just waking up to the benefits of SEO. Hence, if you become an early adopter of SEO, you will have an edge over your competitors and this will, in turn, enable you to increase your market share, revenue and profitability.

Search engine optimization is an umbrella term that encompasses not only using keywords across the website and blog, but also concentrates on providing high-quality content and making the website user-friendly. So, always look for an SEO company in India that can give you 360-degree SEO service. This will enable you to maximize the return on investment and get the anticipated results. Remember, SEO is worthwhile as it helps you get high search engine ranking, which enables you to attract organic traffic. If your content is fresh and valuable, your visitors will keep returning and this will keep your ranking high. They will also mention you on social media, leading to increase in the number of visitors. As a result, you will generate more leads and convert leads to paying customers. Ultimately, that is the goal of SEO, isn't it?

 Website owners and administrators often ignore the importance of a great URL. URL creates the first impression and simplifies your website directory structure. Including keywords and contextual phrases in URL by personalizing generic URL drives a better message home, making a website more attractive to both search engines as well as humans.For a web page to rank well, having a clear, relevant and unique title tag is a must. You should follow ideal title length and try to include keywords in the title based on the topic of the page for best SEO results. These days, using dynamic formulas for title tags that populate page titles are also garnering huge support and performing well in search engine rankings.Meta description tells search engines what information to display about a page on your website in search results. For the best SEO results, you need to have a customized and relevant Meta description with appropriate keywords. The goal of Meta description should be to assist the title and provide information to users on what to expect on the page in terms of content.H Tags or headings on the web page should be well-organized and include the relevant keywords that you are targeting. Using heading tags in a hierarchical and orderly fashion not only gives structure to your page but allows search engines to index the page in a better way.Your body copy should include focus keywords in a way that they appear to be naturally flowing. Don’t overstuff keywords into the content of the body as it can lead to penalization from search engines. Remember, this part is the biggest chunk of content that can be indexed by the search engines. So, make the most out of it by creating a clear, relevant and interesting copy for visitors.Alt attributes for images are often forgotten leading to lower search engine rankings. If you fail to account for these, you are missing out of a huge indexing opportunity. Search engines cannot see images and make use of alt text to understand what an image is all about.Adding relevant keywords to alt text attribute of an image can do wonders for your search engine ranking. Just make sure to be relevant as you would want your website to be accessible & enriching, even for those using a screen reader.Bonus tips: Leveraging external SEO factors.

Complete SEO Checklist for Your Business Website


Search engine optimization as a practice is strong as ever despite notions among expert groups who believe SEO is dead after Google’s Panda & Penguin updates. SEO, in retrospect, evolved from a singularly-focused practice aimed at boosting ranking to a unique art form that involves branding, keyword research, content creation and promotion to attract traffic to a business website.

In a 24×7 connected digital world, 81% of consumers perform online research before buying something. According to 57% of B2B marketers, SEO generates more leads than any other marketing tactic in modern times. So, it would not be wrong to say that SEO is extremely important for your website.

To help you out in building or refining a full-proof SEO strategy, we have outlined some important aspects in the form of a checklist. Follow this detailed SEO checklist to boost your search engine rankings.

Fine-tuning the Basics: Technical SEO

Before planning to do anything about on-page and external factors, it is important that you focus on the basics- i.e. technical aspects of SEO. Technical SEO ensures that your site is discoverable and easily navigable by the search engines for indexing and crawling purposes. To get the best results out of technical SEO, you need to focus on the following aspects:

An XML sitemap is your way of telling the search engine that your website is ready to be crawled and indexed. A sitemap is just like ‘table of contents’ of a book and a way of submitting all the pages of your website.

You can use any website analytics platform or plug-in to create a dynamic sitemap that gets updated automatically as you make changes to your website.

Robots.txt can be said to be an extension of your sitemap and informs search engines about which pages or parts of your website are required to be indexed. Search engines tend to crawl through all the content.

Robots.txt gives them the right direction to make sure you get the best SEO results. Robots.txt ensures that no critical part of content is missed by search engines to be indexed.

Speed is a critical factor for the success of any website. Online users are becoming more and more impatient with each passing day. If a website is not optimized for best performance and speed, it is more likely to have a higher bounce rate.

Also, search engines rank pages and websites based on how fast they can load. Using JavaScript minimally and avoiding heavy pieces of code on a web page can help in optimizing website loading speed.

52% of global internet users use mobile devices for performing a search. The trend has been on the rise for past several years, growing the need of having a mobile-friendly website. If your website doesn’t have the essential responsive elements, search engines will definitely punish the same with low rankings.

Make sure to invest properly towards enhancing the user experience and performing QA testing to enhance the site responsiveness. A custom web design company can help you out with your responsiveness goals.

Security and privacy are the biggest concerns at present for online users. And search engines have also taken security seriously. If your website isn’t secure and covered under an SSL certificate, you may start losing visitors. Modern-day browsers show security warning to users who are trying to enter websites with no SSL certificate. Make sure to embed an SSL certification on your business website.

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Moving ahead with On-page SEO: your shot at better search engine rankings

Once you have aced technical SEO, you might want to look at on-page SEO status of your website. Gone are the days of selective on-page SEO. Today, search engines are smarter and award websites with contextually-relevant and value-rich content, irrespective of the keyword placement.

You can’t just update Meta tags to get great rankings. Here are the things you must focus on while working on improving your website’s on-page SEO:

The first ladder to great on-page SEO results begins way before you actually start to pen down content for your website. You need to know what you want to write, for whom you want to write and what are users searching for. If you have not performed comprehensive keyword research, there are very bleak chances that your target audience will be able to find you online.

The goal here is not about finding keywords to stuff in the content but identifying what users might be interested in. Keyword research helps in identifying topics for your website by helping you discover the terms, phrases and topics users are searching online.

 That’s it from our end. Hope that this checklist will help you achieve your growth goals from SEO. If we missed something or you need further advice, let us know in comments. Remember, mastering SEO is a long term process and you can’t really optimize your rankings, quickly. Even Rome was not built in a day.  

Shares 6 Tips to Assist with Onsite Optimization


Search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO, is imperative to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as the overall visibility of a website or a specific web page. Long Island SEO Agency, fishbat, shares 6 tips to assist with onsite optimization for SEO.

  • Integrate schema markup into the SEO strategy. Schema is HTML coding that can be placed on a website to help search engines increase their understanding of what a company does. Ensure that schema is properly set up for optimal results by taking the time to utilize the software correctly and describe the business in as much detail as possible. Schema can be helpful in the way websites appear in search engine results and have proven to be extremely useful in highly competitive local areas.
  • Create key topics in place of keywords. In order to properly optimize onsite, you should first determine the overall topic of a website. From there, select specific keywords that relate to the topic and the content that is provided. Those specific keywords can then be placed on each accompanying web page within the website, as well as in the title pages. Key topics and words should be used throughout a website naturally since search engines have developed enough to identify the context of a webpage without utilizing exact match keyword software.
  • Incorporate SEO-friendly URLs. For a URL to be considered SEO-friendly, it should use keyword phrases and clearly demonstrate what the page is about, for both search engines and users. To make the creation of SEO-friendly URLs easier, ensure that keywords are included in the title of the webpage. The inclusion of the keyword or phrase in the title of the webpage will naturally translate to the URL and assist search engines in identifying the purpose of the webpage, which will rely heavily on the title tags.
  • Be sure to optimize content. Content plays a vital role when it comes to onsite optimization. It is important to utilize the tools available to you to create unique and engaging content that speaks to consumers and naturally utilizes keywords and phrases. Be sure to evenly distribute keywords throughout content pieces to avoid an overly-promotional look and feel.
  • Be aware of a website's load speed. The amount of time it takes to load a website is a big factor in SERP. Utilize tools to determine how long each element of a website takes to load and if there are any items that may need to be updated, including changing file sizes, pieces of code, or the web host itself, in order to improve the sites loading time and the overall user experience.
  • Improve the Meta description of all web pages. When completing onsite optimizations, it is important to remember each aspect of a webpage. The title tag and Meta description play a large role in the ranking of a web page. Be sure the Meta description of every page on the website is relevant and optimized, providing a brief summary of the page when appearing in search engines. It is also important to be mindful of the length since the description can be cut off depending on the browser or device that is being used.

About fishbat fishbat Long Island Search Engine Marketing agency, is a full-service digital marketing firm that takes a holistic business approach to their clients' digital marketing programs. The fishbat team understands the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs - all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C business.


  • Link Building: Try to get inbound links from high authority websites as it will boost your rankings sooner than you expect.
  • Local Search: Listing your business online using an online business directory can boost your SEO efforts. Make sure to add maximum information to your business listing for higher search engine rankings.
  • Social Media Presence: Though social media doesn’t directly impact search engine rankings, being active definitely helps in engaging audience and ultimately push your online presence to the top of search engine results.

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