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About Us

What we do?

Netking  Web Solution has been assisting small and medium enterprises in  realizing their business potential through advanced and cutting edge  web solutions. We consistently endeavor to identify the vital needs of  our clients by focusing on their strength, capacity to perform and  market opportunities. Netking Web Solution devises client specific IT solution for catalyzing their business horizons with unique and impressive web identity.    

Area Of Services

 Netking Web Solution has diverse roles across multifunctional business interests. Our designers, innovative developers and internet marketing expert work together to give you best experience that your intended audience finds easy and smooth to navigate through. Team members have delivered their work over various cities e.g., Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Ghaziabad as well as smaller cities such as Indore, Bhopal, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Ludhiana etc. among others. 

With its team of highly creative and aesthetic designers, developers, Netking Web Solution deliver top quality results for its clients.  

Our Services

  • Website Design 
  • Website Apps Development 
  • Web Hosting 
  • Domain Name Registration 
  • Internet Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization Services 
  • Web Animation and Banner 
  • Flash Website Development 
  • Conversion Optimization 


Why Us ?

Our Key Strengths

The core strength of Eye Web Solution lies in its ‘Quality Policy’ that  complies with ISO Quality guidelines. Here’s why Netking Manish Web Solution shares  your vision and works together with you to realize your business  objectives.


Innovation is in the DNA of Netking Web Solution. It is practiced by every  member of our team at Netking Web Solution. Rather than emulation our Netking  Web Solution professionals believe in doing the things differently.

Customized Applications

We understand that “One-size-fits-all” doesn’t work everywhere. That is  why we conduct extensive research on identifying potential market and  consumer psyche to design the solution that meets their and yours  expectations.


we provide all type of advertisement on social medias and by writing articles and We provide SEO services to show ur business on Top of search engines like Google, bing , yahoo. 


We know that small and medium enterprises, especially the budding ones,  find themselves to be in the tight budget dogma. This is because they  have to face more challenges and often have fewer employees as compared  to medium or big-size companies.

Our Commitment

Our  commitment of “Shared Responsibility” itself proves that we are right  there when you need us. That is why our responsibility does not end with  the delivery of the project but it goes far beyond upto maintenance of  the project.  

Our Services

Website Development

Website has been a must have object in the  recent years for any business organization.  Thus making the business prominent in the website makes it known  and visible to almost the entire world. Having a website is necessary is  understood, but what are the process or the needful areas in it to be  looked at while developing a website.

Online Marketing

The first place where one searches  for a website is the listing websites. Suppose the website is for one's  business of spa or restaurant, then he or she can just enlist the  website in such listing websites for users to easily find them.

  • The last one is he social media or the  social network. Those are the places where numerous friends and familiar  faces are waiting there to get the updates of one, and thus can be  easily used to market a product.

Domain and Hosting

The Features for choosing the Domain for a Website
A  website is needed a web address and a web address needs a domain for  making the website viewable over the net. Thus the website with a proper  domain address is more often tracked by the search engines. There are  few features that make a domain suitable for the search engine. Here, a  discussion will be drawn on the different aspects of the Domain

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